Gay marriage Christopher Pyne tells ‘No’

Sunday, August 19th, 2018

Now Malcolm Turnbull’s fear of alienating the religious right in the Coalition has seen him agree a plebiscite he previously opposed Conservative religious organisations are mobilising again However given increasing public support same-sex including among religious adherents they often argue that same-sex is really about broader issues such as gender roles and parenting. Copyright © 2010–2018 The Conversation Trust (UK) Limited In Australia Abbott and Howard helped win the 1999 republic referendum by arguing it was supporters of a republic who were the elite while supporters of an inherited feudally derived monarchy were the champions of ordinary Australians Abbott has dusted off his politically correct elites the debate Furthermore Turnbull a leader of the republic movement in 1999 may have been outmanoeuvred again The contentious method designed choosing a president helped lose the republic referendum Now the failure have a definite same-sex bill in place makes it easy run scare campaigns on issues such as religious freedom. This is called the bandwagon fallacy or the argumentum ad populum In any difference of opinion both sides believe in the certainty of their cause example in sports both teams think they are going win or they wouldn’t bother playing the game In hisry opposing armies may win and lose many battles but there are examples of wars that have gone on decades or even centuries Every great empire thinks it will last ever but they never do Unless you own a Delorean with a flux capacir leave your convictions about the “right side of hisry” future hisrians 2 Doesn’t Hurt Heterosexuals

Consequently conservative Christians now depict themselves as potential victims of discrimination This is despite the long hisry of past discrimination s and lesbians including criminalisation of male homosexuality and the ineligibility of same-sex couples many federal government entitlements Such reframings have proved an effective political tactic in. Religious organisations will remain free refuse same-sex if it is eventually introduced Meanwhile another group’s religious freedom seldom gets a mention 40% of Australian same-sex couples identify as Christian However unlike in other countries that do not have government laws impinging on religious freedom by banning same-sex their s can currently not be religiously solemnised. Opposites Attract Men and women have different strengths and weakness different abilities different fears and different needs By combining these complementary ces makes the couple stronger than they would otherwise be on their own Homosexual couples on the other hand will inevitably have many of the same strengths and weaknesses in common Instead of making them stronger gether the redefinition of will only amplify their weaknesses just as it reveals the weakness of the logic behind their Redefining is fundamentally about eliminating the wonderful and beautiful distinctions between men and women–and especially the greatest difference of all: the ability perpetuate the human race and not only through procreation but in every respect as parents and members of society at large Pace the old feminist saw about fish and bicycles men need women and women. Traditional practicing Catholic families are free have children and raise them according Church teaching What’s so bad about same-sex right? However this is a dodge of the larger implications of redefining Heterosexuals have already seen great injury families and children from welfare dependency and no-fault divorce over the past century Same-sex couples have not been around nearly that long so we won’t know the full impacts of redefining will be decades In line with the first point the only sure thing in hisry is that it is full of unpleasant surprises and unintended consequences Ignoring this fundamental truth invites only misery and suffering We disturb long established precedents at our peril 3 If We Accept Peace and Love. Advocates of same-sex have not managed come up with a rigorous limiting principle of what they think the essential character of should be Even though the same-sex battle is far from over some proponents are already talking about polygamy What is the next battle after that? Will bisexuals claim that limiting only two people is unfair because it makes them choose which partner will get the benefits of legal recognition? In the absence of any limiting principle same-sex advocates respond innovations like polygamy and polyamory either with outright excitement or else with the defense “No way that’s gross!” People used say the same thing about same-sex couples Bee we redefine let’s decide what the new definition is actually going.

On August 14 Sydney’s Catholic archbishop Anthony Fisher posed that if same-sex is introduced: What protections will be offered people who work church-run institutions such as schools hospitals and universities? But he only meant some kinds of protection: Will teachers be free teach church teaching on or will they be ced teach a more politically correct curriculum? In a voluntary scare campaigns can generate sufficient uncertainty discourage initial “Yes” supporters from voting A striking feature of the debate has been the sudden enthusiasm protecting religious freedom among those who were until recently committed opponents years conservative Christians campaigned laws protect religious freedom – because that would mean freedom everyone Time and again what mattered conservative Christians was “freedom assert the superiority of their [own] belief system and the inferiority of others”. Your diagramatic analogy of two magnets is wonderful But you surely realise that if you instead drew two planets you would have attraction? I guess this would not suit the agenda though. Republish our articles free online or in print under Creative Commons licence This is really what is at stake is an essential ce in our society because it makes you become a better person This is only possible because of the encounter between the opposite sexes which reveals how little we know about the human condition and how much we have trust what we cannot experience and cannot ever know in order truly love another person Redefining as a genderless institution robs it of the very essence that makes it worthwhile in the first place Even if same-sex advocates get their way little good will it do them The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the. Conference: The Paranoid Style Revisited: Postwar American Cultural Politics and The Argosy Magazine — Manchester Manchester Strategies tackling inequality — Manchester Manchester In 2005 the NSW Legislative Council debated the Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious lerance) Bill The Christian Democrats thanked “thousands of Christians” helping secure the bill’s defeat The Sydney Diocese of the Anglican Church applauded In 2009 the federal government considered legislating a Charter of Rights The inquiry chaired by Jesuit priest Frank Brennan recommended in favour including “freedom from coercion or restraint in relation and belief” The Australian Christian Lobby led the opposition supported by various church and Christian interest groups. John Howard cited conservative religious views when he banned same-sex Labor’s fear of losing religious rs the Liberals contributed concessions the religious right and saw it oppose same-sex until 2011 Even then Labor MPs opposed same-sex were granted an initial moral conscience that contributed a parliamentary being lost under the Gillard government. Po Box 259837 Madison WI 53725 (312) 201-6559 Info@ /Catholic /Catholic PAID BY CIVIC ACTION A 501(C)4 ORGANIZATION CONTRIBUTIONS ARE NOT TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Sign up our email newsletter and never. Academy Workce colloquium explore the workce pressures facing the health and social care system involving education commissioners the next generation of health and social care workers representative bodies and politici — SWANSEA Aberdeenshire University of Adelaide and Macquarie University provide funding as members of The Conversation AU The Conversation UK receives funding from Hefce Hefcw SAGE SFC RCUK The Nuffield Foundation The Ogden Trust The Royal Society The Wellcome Trust Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and The Alliance Useful Evidence as well as sixty five university members View the. 1 is Going Win So Get Over It Only Doc Brown and Marty McFly Know What the Future. A key argument – espoused recently by ny Abbott – is that same-sex will threaten “religious freedom” Such often based on a small number of yet--be-finalised overseas cases or a Tasmanian complaint that was later withdrawn effectively reframe the debate away from discrimination those in same-sex relationships. We were recently reminded sharply how strong those protections already are given religious exemptions from anti-discrimination law Fisher’s Melbourne counterpart Denis Hart warned the church’s 180,000 employees “any words or actions” – such as a wedding – that failed “tally” uphold a “Catholic. Joshua Bowman joined in full communion with the Catholic Church in 2010 after many years in the spiritual wilderness He recently moved back his beloved native Virginia from Columbus Ohio with his growing family and writes on politics hisry and geographical curiosities. Carol Johnson does not work consult own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment Partners 5 Couples that Don’t Have Children Still Get Married Human Life is Not a Science Experiment

Conservative religious organisations and politicians have played a major role in preventing the introduction of same-sex in Australia and hope do. 4 Is About Love and Commitment See point two is already in rough shape “Until death do us part,” now has an escape clause “or one of us decides hire a lawyer.” The corollary of this argument is that heterosexuals have no right lecture homosexuals about because so many s already end in failure However this is a great example of the tu quoque fallacy because as it happens same-sex couples are much more likely have affairs than heterosexuals See point three again what is supposed be if not an exclusive partnership? It would be great if our laws recognized as a lifetime commitment but they do not Redefining make the institution even weaker is not. The same-sex sound easy and simple but they hide difficult and disturbing questions Heterosexuals have been grappling with thousands of years and it’s still not easy It takes a lot of work a lot of patience and a lot of sacrifices It’s impossible discuss honestly without acknowledging that there are no easy answers and nothing is straightward Indeed this timeless truth reveals the greatest error of the same-sex cause: there can be no such thing as equality because there is no equality in In 1984 a landmark New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board report recommended extensive protections belief and practice Exemplifying conservative Christian opposition the Synod Standing Committee of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney declared itself “deeply disturbed” by the report’s “serious bias mainstream Christian churches”. Professor of Politics University of Adelaide Marion Maddox Professor Department of Modern Hisry Politics and International Relations Macquarie University Disclosure statement Marion Maddox has received funding from the Australian Research Council Albert WOLTERS PUBLIC LECTURE WITH PROFESSOR ELIZABETH LOFTUS — Reading Reading Friday afternoon urs of the University of Reading's Meteorological Observary — Reading Reading Clergy stand ready officiate – “because of our faith not in spite of our faith” as some put it Their religious freedom adequately pasr their LGBT congregants is currently constrained Not all Christian same-sex couples may want church weddings The point about true freedom is having the choice. And now in the equality debate those who fought religious freedom protection are suddenly all it The Australian Christian Lobby the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Anglican Diocese of Sydney would rather have no same-sex But if it must be they want freedom conservative Christian bakers discriminate wedding parties; freedom conservative Christian florists decline “hers and hers” bouquet orders; and so on But why sp there? Could bakers and florists cite biblical injunctions deny wedding services example heterosexual divorcees marrying again or interfaith couples or feminists?

Sunday, August 19th, 2018